Rooms at the inn will be closed for the winter from December 1st-April 1st, but the restaurant will remain open throughout the year.

About Us

Learn about our team, each of whom play an integral role in the inn experience, and in welcoming you to our town. Our vision is a collective, where everyone has a responsibility to participate fully in the decision making process, and taking ownership of what the inn becomes. As you may have gleaned from a thorough reading of our website (we know there are some of you!), our team has big plans. For now, our guestrooms and restaurant are open for you to enjoy, and we hope you keep coming back as we build the future of this wonderful, historic place. 

What Sarah and Xander love about the area, and the inn... 

"When we first came to Maine for the summer some eight years ago, we stayed at the Cornish Inn. Post and Beam, built in 1827, just after Maine's founding, the inn resonated for us with history and authenticity. We went to the County Fair, down the road the next day, and felt like we’d gone back in time. We met people at the Inn’s pub who told us of a rental property they had on a lake. When we saw it we flipped! We stayed for weeks and were in heaven. We discovered we would still be in town for the about the Ossipee Valley Music Festival and decided to check it out. Never had we heard such amazing musicians (not just from across the country, but all over the world) in such a bucolic setting. Our two daughters were swept away by a big group their age who arrived on cue with bicycles. And for the first time ever (outside the big cities) we weren’t worried about where they were! So, we returned to Los Angeles with a new aim- we needed to move to Maine. Although it might not be for everyone year round perhaps, but for us? Perfection. We came and stayed at the Inn again in winter. It looked like Currier and Ives. We could finally prove to the kids those stories weren’t all make believe or in the past. They were alive and well, in Cornish." 

-Sarah Clarke and Xander Berkeley

What Molly and Bill love about the area, and the inn...

The team that area residents know for their work with Apple Acres Farm, the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, and the North Atlantic Arts Alliance, is delighted to participate in a new venture at The Cornish Inn. 
    The coast of Maine is famous world-wide for its lobster, gorgeous salt air views, and restaurants and local artisans around every corner. We love the coast of Maine. But far too often, the rural ‘lakes and mountains’ region is accidentally missed by visitors who drive up Route 1, or fly into the Portland jetport.
    For over twenty years we have worked to establish the area of Cornish and Hiram as a cornerstone of the rural renaissance. The Cornish Inn retains a historic identity as a place of respite for weary and hungry adventurers. Is the perfect location to welcome newcomers to visit and engage with the area we call home.
    Organic farming, arts & cultural performances, farm to table dining, Maine-made gifts, wares and specialty foods, a celebration of the outdoors, community collaboration,
historic preservation, and meaningful connection to the land and people around us: these are just some of the rich offerings from our area that visitors will be able to enjoy during their visit.
    We are looking forward to helping to bring
The Cornish Inn into its next phase!" 

-Molly Griffin McKenna and Bill Johnson